Thursday, September 15, 2005

Who woulda thought?

I've never been to a Packer game. I've always wanted to go, but somehow I just never made it to the top of the waiting list for someone's unused season ticket. In fact, I have been on the Official Waiting List for Season Tickets since I was BORN and my name still hasn't come up. Anyway, this season, I told Mike, my dad and brother that if I didn't make it to a game this year to see Brett Favre play, and if this is his last year and I never got to see him play, it will be on all their heads. Today, Adam Sutter called and said he had tickets we could have if we wanted. So Mike and I are going, and I'm so excited. I can't wait. As soon as I got off the phone with Adam, I called my parents and talked to my dad. I told him about the tickets and how excited I was. He was really quiet, and then said "I actually was going to surprise you. I found two tickets for the game and was going to take you." Ugh. Now I feel bad. Not that I could do anything about it, I didn't have any idea I would have had TWO chances to go to the game. I just know how disappointing it is to have this great secret surprise and then watch it dissolve in front of you. But it will still be a great time. And I still can't wait to go.

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Will Dettmering said...

As a Packer fan from birth, I must say that it is a GREAT experience to go and see the Pack play live. I never had season tickets, but I have seen them play at Milwaukee County Stadium, Lambeau Field (final season game against Atlanta 1975), Fulton Co. Stadium Atlanta, Tampa Stadium (Old Sombraro) and the NEW Tampa Stadium. I have enjoyed the experience of a "pick-up" ticket grabber or a scalp dump. (Paid $5 to a scalper 15 minutes into the game... they used to call the game "Bays of Pigs" because both teams fought for last place in NFC Central) Those days are gone... thank GOD! When you get to your game... enjoy it, revel in the moments and lock it to memory!