Friday, September 09, 2005

What an imagination!

Originally uploaded by shalberg.
Tonight when I told Claire that it was bedtime, she went over and started to play with one of her new birthday toys. Or so I thought. I was just about to tell her she needed to listen to me, it wasn't time for playing, it was time to brush teeth, when I noticed she was giving a kiss to each of the little 'people' (the little man, dragon, and horse), and saying "na-nite" to them.

She had tucked them all into their little imaginary beds for the night.


michael said...

She really amazes me. Recently Claire has been on a verbal craze. I think we will soon be to the stage where she talks a lot and we understand but others think we are crazy because in reality she said livinrbim (living room).

sheila said...

Or "danamak" which is clearly chocolate milk.