Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blooming Butterflies

Met up with a friend at Olbrich today for the Blooming Butterflies. I kind of expected hundreds of butterflies flying everywhere, like the exhibit the Milwaukee Public Museum.  There weren't quite so many, so you had to really look for them.  Fun for Claire, but pretty boring for Milena.  She's only sitting there because I promised her ice cream if she did.

We did find a few different types of butterflies, but these were by far the most common.  Maybe because there were several types that all look similar.  We spent a bit of time running around the outside gardens as well.  

Lately Milena has been loving these rainbow leg warmers.  I'm fairly certain they make her jump higher and run faster. I'm also 100% sure that Claire would like a pair.

And this is Claire on a ferris wheel ride. This picture is just so her.