Monday, December 29, 2008


Mike and Claire went out to build a snowman today. Its been nice, around 50 degrees for the past day or two, so I thought they'd have a difficult time since most of the snow has melted. Turns out everything that is left is really wet and perfect for making giant snowmen. Who knew? I went out to take pictures and found he had enlisted help form our neighbors.

I think he has character!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


We have been celebrating all week. We spent the days right before Christmas at a hotel featuring an indoor water park. While we were there, we took a trip to the 'North Pole' on the Polar Express, which was pretty incredible. Tickets are distributed by lottery months in advance, but somehow Mike was able to track three down. It was worth the work. Basically you live the book, from the train ride into the mountains to crowds of elves to the silver bell cut from a reindeer's harness. It was a lot of fun, and very memorable.

Mike and Claire have been skiing four times this week, making good use of Mike's season pass at Shawnee Peak. Claire loves it. She has turned into the classic kid who zips down the hill, turning and stopping with ease, as adults look on, struggling to keep their balance while standing still. The difference between her skill level this year as compared to last year is pretty incredible. By the time I can get back out there next winter, she'll be skiing circles around me, just like Mike.

We drove the White Mountain Trail, which was beautiful. The mountains seemed to rise up out of nowhere, and they were everywhere. We had a great day weather-wise, but the steep winding roads were still a little questionable in a lot of areas.

And this is Mount Washington. This was the first time I'd really seen the mountian, and I have to say I'm now much more impressed that Mike has not only hiked it, but then skied down several times. We'll have to give Claire a few more years before she can try it herself.

Christmas Day itself was wonderfully relaxing. We spent some time with our families using the webcam, we all opened many fantastic gifts, and some of us (Mike) took several naps. We finally got ourselves together for Christmas dinner with friends, which was also very special. Couldn't have asked for more.

Friday, December 12, 2008

First Winter Storm

We had our first winter storm of the season last night and into this morning, and it covered everything in about one inch of ice. We spent the night and morning without electricity or heat, but just as we were about to leave for a warmer place everything magically came back on. I think just hearing the furnace finally kick on made me feel warmer. A few of our Maple trees lost branches, though none of the other trees seemed to have problems. And when the sun came out and set, everything was sparkling and beautiful, which really is the best part of an ice storm.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Halfway Point

Today I had the big 20 week ultrasound. 20 weeks down, 20 more to go. Hopefully the second half will go as well as the first.

We took Claire out of school for the day so she could come along and see the ultrasound. I think at first she was very unimpressed. She sat in the chair and read books. I don't blame her, those black and white pictures can be pretty obscure. But she really got into it when the sonographer started looking at the spine and ribs, which were much more identifiable than other parts. She was also very interested in the actual ultrasound machine.

Everything looks great. We even got a thumbs up from the baby. And we stuck to our decision to not find out if its a boy or a girl. We'll know in 20 more weeks!