Monday, April 16, 2012

In March

March started off cold.  I think this may have been the only snow this year. I don't remember. Maybe it was the only time we actually used the snowblower.  It was pretty, in any case.

Milena was ready to get out there, wearing Claire's protective eyewear from her science kit to keep out the wind and snow, of course.   

It soon warmed up.  All the snow melted and it was something like 90 degrees for a week, how I remember it. We put away all the snow suits and shovels. Swapped the lawnmower and snowblower in the garage, and got outside.  Hide and Seek with a Dad sandwich.

Claire and Milena are fashionable as always, but in different ways.  Claire picks things that she likes the look of. She chose the polka dots on her socks to match the stripes on her skirt and the plaid of her vest. And keeps the turquoise running throughout. She thought about it and set it out the night before. 

Milena chooses what she wears for function.  The wind was blowing her hair, better put on a hat to keep it out of her face. She really wanted to wear that blue skirt, but it was too cold, so put pants on under it.  Shoes? Whatever she can get on herself to get outside the fastest.

They can be so cute together.  Here they are playing the piano together one morning. They are even wearing matching pjs.  Come on.  Thats so sweet it makes your teeth hurt.

And this is just pretty.