Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fabric Art

Claire begged me last night to do a fabric art project. It was late, and I had no idea what she meant, so I held her off until this morning. Today she woke up, made a sketch, and then got to work. Its no surprise that Fabric Art is making a picture using only fabric and glue. It took quite a while and made a huge mess, but it was a lot of fun. Sometimes the most difficult part was choosing a fabric, but she finished her project. Its going to need a frame. If its not obvious, its a purple heart balloon, a tree in fall, and a white bird flying past the sun.

Also, I am so tired. I'm not sure if its that I seem to have picked up a milder version of whats been making Mike sick this past week, if its the lack of quality sleep at night, or if growing a baby is wearing me out. Probably a little bit of everything. Unfortunately, I can't seem to convince Claire that right after dinner is a great time to go to bed.