Friday, April 29, 2005

Bed Time Singing

When I put Claire to bed for the night, we always go through a specific routine. We brush teeth, get pj's on, give whoever is in the house a kiss, read about three books, give everyone in the house another kiss, and then finally, I sing three songs to her with the lights out while we are in her room. I try to mix up the first two songs as much as possible, but I always end with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The reason for that is I think it gives her the idea that when the song ends I'm going to put her in her crib and leave the room. I don't have anything to back that up, but I do it anyway. So last night, when I got to Twinkle Twinkle, she started to sing along. Really loud. She's kind of done this before, but never for the whole song, and never with so much feeling! Of course she didn't sing words, she kind of alternated between la-la's and ah-ah's, but she definately had the rhythm, singing short and long notes. And she would even hit the right notes sometimes, but I think this is because she sang the same note over and over.
So you see, my definition of 'singing' is pretty loose, but she was trying, and it was so cute.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter
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This week we're getting a new furnace for our apartment to replace the very expensive electric heat we have now. When I was setting up a time, the woman from the installation company said people would need to be here from 9-5 every day for a week, maybe more (!!). I guess its quite the job. So yesterday was suppose to have been the first day. They came at nine, and were gone before ten. Today, they came at nine and left at noon, and spent the whole time in the basement. Its not quite the picture (yet) that was painted when I made the appointment! Hmmmm, I wonder what the boss thinks they are doing all day!

Sunday, April 24, 2005


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Claire trying out her paints.

same old same old

Nothing really new today. Mike is on call, delivering babies. I'm planning on staying home, it is so cold outside. I'm sure if this day came before all the wonderful 80 degree days last week I wouldn't complain at all. But I'm spoiled now. Mike and I went garage sale shopping yesterday. He found four baseballs, a plastic bat (and is now at work setting up a wiffel-ball game), Chinese Checkers and Shoots'n'Ladders. Claire got a pair of cool shades. They are pink and purple, shaped like hearts, and they are the kind you can flip the shaded part up and down. And we found a toy chest too. It has sliding doors made out of chalk boards and two shelves just at a toddler's height. Its pretty cool. I love going to garage sales. You never know what treasures you'll find. And if you go with Mike and Claire, you never know what that treasure might be.

Friday, April 22, 2005


I think its funny how Claire seems to give credit to certain people for things completely out of their control. For example, every time we are in the produce section at the grocery store and the water sprays to keep all the veggies fresh, Claire cheers "Yeeaahh Daddy!!". Yesterday we were listening to music and dancing. When the song was over, she said "All right Nanaaa!". Today I got credit for a noisy airplane flying low overhead. Its all pretty random, except for the spraying water in the produce section. Daddy is always in control of that one.

I bought Claire a set of paints today. JoAnn Fabrics must be having some record-breaking sale because that place was crazy. Every where I looked, there were long lines of crabby women bickering about who was there first. But we made it out, and Claire already has one masterpiece hanging up to dry. I was really surprised at how particular she was. She really knew what color she wanted and where. It was really fun to watch her. I think the key to toddler painting is having a separate brush for every jar of paint. If you don't, you either end up with ten jars of one muddy color, or you end up washing out the brush constantly (this is what I did). Good fun.

And CONTRATS! to Eric on his Signals Intelligence placement in Hawaii. It sounds like he went through the Marine version of the medical residency match and got one of his top picks. That's awesome, and I'm really happy for him!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Game Day

At Miller Park
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What a great day! We had a blast at the Brewer game. We did it up right with good seats, good snacks, and rides on the escalators.

I think its early to bed for everyone in the Halberg House tonight.

Thursday, April 14, 2005


Every nation in every region now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
-George W. Bush



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Claire in the backyard. I love this picture.

As fas as weekend plans go,

We had a BUNCH of different options...two days ago. It seemed like there were fun things happening all over the place, and Mike has the rare weekend completely off. There are friends getting together in Green Bay, other friends getting together in Portage, opportunities to play tennis, a Brewer game, and the Body Worlds exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. That is the one we picked, to go to Chicago and see Body Worlds. Then yesterday I was looking around on Flickr (I'm completely addicted to browsing through other peoples' photos), and I typed in 'Museum of Science and Industry', and I got back pictures of the hoards of people waiting in line to see Body Worlds. Hundreds and hundreds of people. Ugh. I showed Mike, and emailed the picture to both of our moms (everyone was in and even had hotel reservations already). We all decided it was not worth it, so we cancelled. It runs until the begining of September, so I'm sure we can get down to see it on a weekday at some point and hopefully get around the crowds.

Then, with the weekend open again, we found out many of the plans had fallen through. But the Brewers still play, so going to the game is our new plan. Sadly, last season Mike only made it to one game, and I didn't go to any. I'm hoping for a better record this season. It won't be hard.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Playing at the Park

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Another beautiful day to spend at the park. Mike was post-call so Claire and I cleared out of the house (doesn't take much to get us outside on such a wonderful day) to make catching up on sleep a bit easier. We went to the library and played at the park there, and then we went to Frame Park and played with ducks, flowers, and shadows (picture). Very fun.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Flower Girl

Claire, Nana, Monnie and I went flower girl dress shopping today, and it was a huge success! We went to David's Bridal first, and though their dresses were very pretty (and pricy), they weren't what any of us had in mind. Nana described them, accurately I think, as First Communion dresses. But I wanted Claire to try one on, to get an idea about size and because I wanted to see her in one. She didn't like the idea and put up quite the battle. There were all these beaming Brides-To-Be trying on their gowns, and there was Claire, at this point loudly screaming about any and everything...I felt like there was probably a lesson about family planning somewhere in the situation. But the smallest dress was too big, and at $120 it was more expensive than my own bridesmaid dress. I couldn't imagine paying more for alterations. Next we went to JC Penny and found the perfect little dress for her. The right size, the right colors, the right style...the right price. It must have been an Easter dress because it was marked down to $13 from $50. What a FIND!

Other than that, Mike is on call today/tonight. He'll be home tomorrow morning. So far (and we're only a week in), I can't say the schedule is all that grueling. First of all, he gets the day after call off to catch up on sleep. That is such a big difference from, say, surgery where you go in at 5am, are on call all day and night, and then have to work until at least 8pm the next night. That was brutal. The second big difference is that people at the particular hospital Mike is at work in shifts. Ha! What a concept! So on a non-call day, Mike is relieved at a specific and set time. I can't figure out why this isn't more a more popular way to do things within the hospital. The last thing is the people. He seems to be in with a good group of people who actually prefer to work in teams. People who are not busy carry some of the workload of those who are. And that can make all the difference. It seems to me, though I'm no expert, that maybe the various departments should have a get-together and discuss ways of doing things. It might make some people happier!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Little Things

Today was the first time I was able to put clothes on the line to dry outside. We've never lived in place that had a clothesline. I love it. They smell so wonderful, and it reminds me of growing up. I would hand my mom clothespins, and then I'd run back and forth through the 'aisles' of clothes. It was especially fun when it was sheets or blankets drying.
Plus, this will save me some money on the energy bill!

Spring Crocuses at Bapa's House

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

House Warming

Wow, its been a long weekend. And its only Saturday night! Usually weekends rush past, but not this one. Last night we went to Sun Prairie and spent some time with Nana and Bapa. Its always nice to see them. I think Claire said 'Nana' or 'Bapa' the entire car ride to their house. And Simon The Dog finally seems to be adjusting to her.
We spent today in Reedsburg. The Stayers (Justin and Jacque) bought a house, and had a party to welcome themselves to the neighborhood-their clever words, not mine. The house is very nice. Its what Mike and I dream of owning when we grow up. We played basketball and softball at a nearby park, and then grilled out at their house. Claire had a blast, being her usual social self. I always enjoy when she is in the right mood to walk around the room talking to anyone she finds. That certainly comes from her father, I don't think I would even consider doing anything of the sort.
I just looked at the clock and thought I was probably staying up a little too late again. Then I realized its day light savings tonight, so I'm staying up even later than I thought. I better get to sleep.

Spring is Here!

It has been so nice this week. Claire and I have been to a different park every day. Yesterday we were having such a good time, we played for over two hours. Today its rainy, but even that is nice. Its not snow.
There isn't a whole lot going on in our lives right now. Mike is starting his OB/GYN rotation tomorrow. We've heard both horrible and 'not too bad' things about it. In any case, it is one of the more demanding rotations, but its the last demanding one he'll have this year. Family practice really spoiled the man. Last night he didn't want to study, he wanted to sit on the couch, watch basketball and drink a beer. I'm not sure I have ever heard him say that the night before a test.