Sunday, April 24, 2005

same old same old

Nothing really new today. Mike is on call, delivering babies. I'm planning on staying home, it is so cold outside. I'm sure if this day came before all the wonderful 80 degree days last week I wouldn't complain at all. But I'm spoiled now. Mike and I went garage sale shopping yesterday. He found four baseballs, a plastic bat (and is now at work setting up a wiffel-ball game), Chinese Checkers and Shoots'n'Ladders. Claire got a pair of cool shades. They are pink and purple, shaped like hearts, and they are the kind you can flip the shaded part up and down. And we found a toy chest too. It has sliding doors made out of chalk boards and two shelves just at a toddler's height. Its pretty cool. I love going to garage sales. You never know what treasures you'll find. And if you go with Mike and Claire, you never know what that treasure might be.

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