Saturday, April 02, 2005

House Warming

Wow, its been a long weekend. And its only Saturday night! Usually weekends rush past, but not this one. Last night we went to Sun Prairie and spent some time with Nana and Bapa. Its always nice to see them. I think Claire said 'Nana' or 'Bapa' the entire car ride to their house. And Simon The Dog finally seems to be adjusting to her.
We spent today in Reedsburg. The Stayers (Justin and Jacque) bought a house, and had a party to welcome themselves to the neighborhood-their clever words, not mine. The house is very nice. Its what Mike and I dream of owning when we grow up. We played basketball and softball at a nearby park, and then grilled out at their house. Claire had a blast, being her usual social self. I always enjoy when she is in the right mood to walk around the room talking to anyone she finds. That certainly comes from her father, I don't think I would even consider doing anything of the sort.
I just looked at the clock and thought I was probably staying up a little too late again. Then I realized its day light savings tonight, so I'm staying up even later than I thought. I better get to sleep.

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