Thursday, April 14, 2005

As fas as weekend plans go,

We had a BUNCH of different options...two days ago. It seemed like there were fun things happening all over the place, and Mike has the rare weekend completely off. There are friends getting together in Green Bay, other friends getting together in Portage, opportunities to play tennis, a Brewer game, and the Body Worlds exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. That is the one we picked, to go to Chicago and see Body Worlds. Then yesterday I was looking around on Flickr (I'm completely addicted to browsing through other peoples' photos), and I typed in 'Museum of Science and Industry', and I got back pictures of the hoards of people waiting in line to see Body Worlds. Hundreds and hundreds of people. Ugh. I showed Mike, and emailed the picture to both of our moms (everyone was in and even had hotel reservations already). We all decided it was not worth it, so we cancelled. It runs until the begining of September, so I'm sure we can get down to see it on a weekday at some point and hopefully get around the crowds.

Then, with the weekend open again, we found out many of the plans had fallen through. But the Brewers still play, so going to the game is our new plan. Sadly, last season Mike only made it to one game, and I didn't go to any. I'm hoping for a better record this season. It won't be hard.

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