Saturday, April 09, 2005

Flower Girl

Claire, Nana, Monnie and I went flower girl dress shopping today, and it was a huge success! We went to David's Bridal first, and though their dresses were very pretty (and pricy), they weren't what any of us had in mind. Nana described them, accurately I think, as First Communion dresses. But I wanted Claire to try one on, to get an idea about size and because I wanted to see her in one. She didn't like the idea and put up quite the battle. There were all these beaming Brides-To-Be trying on their gowns, and there was Claire, at this point loudly screaming about any and everything...I felt like there was probably a lesson about family planning somewhere in the situation. But the smallest dress was too big, and at $120 it was more expensive than my own bridesmaid dress. I couldn't imagine paying more for alterations. Next we went to JC Penny and found the perfect little dress for her. The right size, the right colors, the right style...the right price. It must have been an Easter dress because it was marked down to $13 from $50. What a FIND!

Other than that, Mike is on call today/tonight. He'll be home tomorrow morning. So far (and we're only a week in), I can't say the schedule is all that grueling. First of all, he gets the day after call off to catch up on sleep. That is such a big difference from, say, surgery where you go in at 5am, are on call all day and night, and then have to work until at least 8pm the next night. That was brutal. The second big difference is that people at the particular hospital Mike is at work in shifts. Ha! What a concept! So on a non-call day, Mike is relieved at a specific and set time. I can't figure out why this isn't more a more popular way to do things within the hospital. The last thing is the people. He seems to be in with a good group of people who actually prefer to work in teams. People who are not busy carry some of the workload of those who are. And that can make all the difference. It seems to me, though I'm no expert, that maybe the various departments should have a get-together and discuss ways of doing things. It might make some people happier!

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