Monday, November 23, 2009

Here come the Holidays

The time between Halloween and Thanksgiving always goes so fast. And then its a blur all the way through New Years.

Claire has been coming up with some great quotes lately, though she has no idea.

She heard a truck backing up and mistook it for tv being censored. She explained that they play the BEEP over a bad word so you can't hear it. I asked her what kind of bad words they say, and she answered right away with "Like crap. Like 'Oh Crap!' You know." I said I did, and she had no ideas on any other bad words. Six years and she only knows crap? Not bad.

She was reading a menu and and thought Chicken Chow Mein was 'Chicken Chew Meat'.

And lastly, she was singing 'There's a Little Wheel Turning in My Heart", but she thought
(actually still thinks, I haven't been able to correct her just yet) the lyrics were "There's a Little Mini Turtle in My Heart. Which doesn't make a lot of sense. But taken literally, and what isn't in the world of a six year old, the correct words aren't any better.

Milena has yet to even give us a word to quote, but she has mastered blowing raspberries and does it on request, and thats fun.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Another successful year of trick-or-treating. Milena was a frog. A decision that was easy to make because we had a frog snowsuit in her size. She was warm and happy the entire time.

Claire decided to be a doorbell. A little less obvious than the frog, but a much higher creativity score. We even rigged it up with an actual doorbell, so she rang if you pushed the lit up button. Lots of people on our candy route really liked this, and I think Claire got someone to 'ring' her at each house we stopped at. We even found a house that has their doorbell set up on the same frequency as this one, which might be fun for walks in the future.