Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Candy Cane Festival

Today a candy maker down the street (Len Libby) held their annual 'Make Your Own Candy Cane' event. There was a long line when we showed up, but it moved along quickly, and the day was nice so it wasn't a big deal. Claire chose to make a heart candy cane on a stick which took all of 30 seconds, and we saw Lenny, who is apparently the world's only life-sized chocolate moose. So I can cross that off my list of things I can't leave Maine without seeing.

After, we went Christmas shopping. There are a few small things we have to pick up, but I'm very happy to be done with the majority of it.

Friday, November 28, 2008


We're thankful for good friends and good food.

And good dogs that won't eat your cheese, even though they really really really really REALLY want to.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day off

Monday was a rare day in that Mike and I both had the day off, and Claire had school. We had a big breakfast of eggs, toast and ham, and then stopped by Dunkin Donuts for hot chocolate on the way to the beach.

This rock wall caught my eye, the colors were so pretty.

And one of the little things that makes me smile: Claire found a stash of paper bags in the closet, and she has been using them to make Mike lunches to take to work.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The past few days, I have been going a little stir crazy. Its been rainy and now it gets dark at 4:30 (I'm typing this at 5:00, and it might as well be midnight outside). AND Mike has been working afternoons. When he leaves its just Claire and I, inside with not much to do. So today we took full advantage of the sun and warm weather and went to the beach.

We were there for a few hours a bit after 2pm. That first picture was taken at 2:45. See how low the sun is in the sky? And its only going to get worse. But on the positive side, it was warm enough for Claire to take off her shoes and socks and run around barefoot. She has this laugh that I never hear, other than when she takes her first few steps in the sand. I've mentioned it before, but this girl loves the beach.

After building an entire sand castle village we took some to watch the waves roll in. They were really big, but they broke one at a time, giving us enough time to enjoy each one as it curled over and crashed into the sand. I don't think I'd have to look back very far to find a picture of Mike with this exact same look on his face.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I voted. Not today, like the sticker says, but Mike and I absentee voted a few weeks ago. I'd recommend it to anyone, next time around, of course.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween and then Boston

Halloween went well. Claire dressed up as a red blood cell. I'm not sure many people knew what in the world she was, but she loved it and that is what counts. She earned a fair amount of candy, which she is very willing to share with Mike and I.

After Halloween, we went to Boston. We got a hotel, had a nice dinner downtown and then spent the day today at the New England Aquarium and IMAX theater. We had a great time. Claire really enjoyed the movie. It was in 3D, and it was fun to see her reach out to try to touch a whale or dolphin. Mike and I, on the other hand, enjoyed hanging out downtown. We all won.