Friday, April 22, 2005


I think its funny how Claire seems to give credit to certain people for things completely out of their control. For example, every time we are in the produce section at the grocery store and the water sprays to keep all the veggies fresh, Claire cheers "Yeeaahh Daddy!!". Yesterday we were listening to music and dancing. When the song was over, she said "All right Nanaaa!". Today I got credit for a noisy airplane flying low overhead. Its all pretty random, except for the spraying water in the produce section. Daddy is always in control of that one.

I bought Claire a set of paints today. JoAnn Fabrics must be having some record-breaking sale because that place was crazy. Every where I looked, there were long lines of crabby women bickering about who was there first. But we made it out, and Claire already has one masterpiece hanging up to dry. I was really surprised at how particular she was. She really knew what color she wanted and where. It was really fun to watch her. I think the key to toddler painting is having a separate brush for every jar of paint. If you don't, you either end up with ten jars of one muddy color, or you end up washing out the brush constantly (this is what I did). Good fun.

And CONTRATS! to Eric on his Signals Intelligence placement in Hawaii. It sounds like he went through the Marine version of the medical residency match and got one of his top picks. That's awesome, and I'm really happy for him!

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