Friday, September 23, 2005


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...and he sent Claire a box full of shredded paper!


faveauntcarrie said...

Happy Birthday, just a little late, Sheila!

Sweet photos.

Grandma Muriel's house used to have the same kitchen floor pattern.

I love it.


shelagh said...

Happy Belated Sheila! I love reading your blog. The pictures and the stories are always great.

The other shelagh

Ted said...

okey dokey you guys, i've searched this site relentlessly for an email address to leave you guys a note, but all my efforts have failed. This seemed to be my only remaining option seeing as i've lost all contact information for the halbergs....somebody shoot me an
i've enjoyed looking through all your pictures and things and look forward to seeing everyone as i have yet to do that! i didn't know jim got married either!! wow, i'm out of the loop. All is well in Atlanta, and i look forward to hearing from ya.

678 520 0567