Monday, September 12, 2005

Stump the almost a doctor - MRI craziness

"okay, stump the nephew - so what about a doc reporting that the results from an mri scan require an appt. with a neurosurgeon because of concerns...and no other info besides that? then, as i call around for more info i am told medical jargon i do not understand and somethiing about a small malformation in the left frontal lobe in the arterial veins...possibly nothing to worry about??? the appt is on the 21st so i will know more concrete stuff then and will keep you posted just for fun..."

1. It is total crap for a doctor to tell you that you must get results from someone else without explaination. It is not unusual for a physician to get a test result and need help in reading it and providing treatment, but you deserve an honest explaination of what he/she knows.

2. What you describe sounds like an arteriovenous malformation (AVM). This is a tangle of extra blood vessels in your brain. It is present at birth but often presents later in life. Most are discovered after a headache, seizure or a brain bleed. After an MRI suggests an AVM is present the doctor may want an angiogram (test to look specifically at the blood vessels in your brain).
Symptoms and treatment depend on the size and location of the AVM. Typically treatment includes either surgery to remove the vessels or radiation to shrink them. If this treatment is possible, symptoms usually go away and further side effects are minimal.

It sounds like your doctor isn't sure this is an AVM and doesn't want to give you false information on what to expect. I would schedule an appointment with a neurosurgeon and discuss your options. I hope this informations is helpful, and I would love updates. If you send me the date of your appointment I am happy to try to come and help translate/support/visit.

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