Sunday, September 04, 2005

Shift II the second episode

I worked the 11pm to 7am last night. The front end was crazy with tons of trauma. Four shootings at once, all standing on the front porch, some shot in the abdomen and others in the legs. For future reference, you should pick getting shot in the legs over the abdomen if they give you a choice. Speaking of which, I did like the movie GO - recommended by my big bro. There is a part where a guy chooses to be shot in the arm over other less desirable places. Very funny.

The rest of the night was more bread and butter complaints. I like the variety. One woman with a kidney stone and an older woman who fell on her knee. At the beginning of my shift I saw a gentleman with liver failure and a belly full of fluid. I ended up treating him for most of the night.

Peace in New Orleans.

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