Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who woulda thought? - Part 2

Remember that post a few days ago about getting two Packer tickets at one time? Well this weekend was kind of like that, only not as good.

My car broke down on Friday in a big puddle of its own antifreeze. Its being towed to our mechanic's garage tomorrow. Then, this morning, Mike was leaving for Chicago to take step (seems like) 47 of the Boards, and the Service Engine Soon light on his car starts blinking. I only know two things about this light, and they both come from my own experiences. #1 If the light is on solid you can go ahead and ignore it, it will probably go off by itself later. #2 If the light is blinking, you better pull over and hope your car doesn't blow up, and you can usually keep it from blowing up by feeding it $100 bills. So at 5:00am, after working until 11:00pm the night before, Mike is on the phone trying to find a person who is also going to Chicago today, and he does! Actually, the guy has already left and is out of Milwaukee, but comes back to get Mike. The day is saved! This guy also had plans to stay in Chicago and visit friends, but he cancelled so Mike would have a ride home. I don't know who this person is, but I think he deserves a big batch of cookies for being such a good person. Meanwhile, I took care of the car, and I'm glad we're back to having ONE car (I was complaining about this on Monday, so it serves me right I guess).

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