Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Birthday Is Coming!

flower and balloon collage
Originally uploaded by shalberg.
Today Claire received a beautiful vase of flowers and a balloon from Granny and Grandpa Fitz. The balloon (she calls it a ba-boon) has inspired almost continuous laughter for about 45 minutes now. I guess you can't beat a balloon filled with helium.

I am always amazed at how many people think about and love this precious girl. She is so lucky.

6 comments: said...

What a wonderful, wonderful collage of pictures!

sheila said...

does this comment mean you have a working computer?

jimhalberg said...

Happy Birthday Clairey!
Uncle Jimmer and Aunt Monnie love you very much! And we can't wait to see you on Sunday!

Leslie said...

How can we NOT think about her - she is wonderful and she fills us with love and hope. (Her parents are AOK in my book as well.) So happy, happy birthday Claire - you are the best!

Great Aunt Leslie

michael said...

My personal favorite is the picture two in from the left on the top row.

sheila said...

I like the one where she is hugging the balloon. All the way on the right in the second row.