Thursday, September 01, 2005


This morning I watched two of Elissa's kids, Jalyn and Mason, and when I told Claire they would be coming, she got super-excited. They were coming over pretty early, at 8:30, and I was already behind 'schedule', but I decided I could probably take a very quick shower and still be ready to go by the time they got here. Just as I was putting shampoo in my hair, Claire comes tearing in the bathroom saying "Mason door! Mason door!". I asked her, "Did Mason ring the doorbell?", hoping hoping she would say no, but to which she replied "YEAH! MOMMA! MASON DOOR! MASON DOOR!" and ran out of the bathroom. So I hurriedly rinsed my hair and wrapped towels around myself and went down to answer the door. No one was there. I completely thought I took too long and they left. Oh! How awful of me! Elissa is always available to watch Claire and she is always home when she says she will be, and then I take too long in the shower and now she has to miss her hair appointment, and it will be weeks until she can reschedule (I know, I go to the same lady, she is ALWAYS booked). But then I turn around to go back upstairs to call Elissa's cell phone and Claire is standing there, and she starts laughing at me. Laughing. And she says "Silly Mama". So I asked her again, "Claire did Mason ring the doorbell?" and she said "Nope. Silly Mama. Funny." Ha. Real funny.

I can only hope that maybe the doorbell did ring, (it has gone off all on its own in the past), or that maybe Claire and I had a misunderstanding, and that Claire then thought I looked funny running down the stairs in towels. If not, I am dealing with a prankster who is way out of my league. A trait, if she has it, that most definitely came from her father.

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Leslie said...

definitely the father!!! no doubt!!! no question!!!