Monday, September 19, 2005

All Done.

Mike, Claire and I went to Green Bay this weekend to see my family and go to the Packer game (more on that later!). On Saturday afternoon, I put Claire down for her nap like normal, but she was having a difficult time falling asleep. We thought it might be a good idea to go sit outside and talk, as opposed to the dining room right off the room she was in, just in case she could hear us and that was keeping her from getting to sleep. We got to talking about spiders. My parents had this large creepy brown spider in the corner of their garage, and they killed it, but another had since moved into the same web. My mom said she has seen them by the door, crawling into the crack between the step and the wall in the garage, and my brother's girlfriend Sharon was sitting on this step. Dave, my brother, then points at the door behind Sharon and says "Oh my gosh!", and we all were like, haha Dave, I'm sure there is really a spider by Sharon. But we look, and while there is no spider, Claire is standing there watching us all. And she said "All done nap, Mom." Its as simple as that. I tried to fall asleep, but I am just not tired, so I am all done. And by the way, I figured out how to get out of that pack'n'play thing.

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