Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Would You Rather...

Mike and I are sitting here watching the 10th inning of game three of the World Series, playing a game of Would You Rather. I thought it would be fun to include everyone.

So. Would You Rather...

Have 11 outfielders or 4 outs?

Have to play in full winter gear (snow suit, hat, gloves, moon boots etc.) or in speedos and nothing else (including shoes)?

On offence, be instantly blindfolded as soon as you've hit the ball for the duration of your base running, or, when on defense, only be allowed to play with one arm?

Not have a single pitcher on your team, or a team made up of only pitchers?

Have a team made up of people older than 85 years, or a team made up of kids under ten?

Have one strike be a strike out and one ball be a walk, or normal play?

Play in uniforms five sizes too big, or five sizes too small (including shoes and jock strap)?


jimhalberg said...

First one of my own: Would you rather have a manager that makes bad decisions and doesn't defend your team when bad calls are made? Or would you rather have a manager that publicly puts all the blame on you for losing and publicly shows frustration with all your mistakes?

Answer: You can have both with Phil Garner!

>Definitely 4 outs. Especially if all 11 would have to bat - but even if they don't: 4 outs.

>I'd say winter clothes. I don't know how well the speedo/cup combination is going to work.

>Definitely one arm. You're going to have a lot of time to stop the ball and get it over to first when the batter can't see which way to run!

>This is a tough one. If you take the pitchers you're going to lose everygame 4-1. If you take the hitters you're going to lose everygame 15-4. I'd have to go with the hitters: at least people would come to watch the games!

>Kids under ten. Half the guys in the Little League World Series are 20 anyway!

>Normal play.

>Definitely five sizes too big. I can't imagine shoes five times too small is even possible!

michael said...

Jim, that is a great link. Phil Garner is horrible at best. Getting rid of Garner is on the list of things the Brewers have done right lately.

jimhalberg said...

It's hard to argue that they've ever had better coaching and management than they have right now.

Yost is definitely solid but without Maddux I have to think they'd be losing literally 15 games more a year.

michael said...

As far as the four outs or eleven fielders go, I would take the eleven fielders. Never considered that they would all have to bat, but I did consider putting three guys between first and second and still having three guys to put on the other side! Also, as a hitter it would be crazy to have only one ball and one strike to work with. I would do it because I think full count is the hitters advantage.