Friday, October 14, 2005

Pumpkin Patch

We went to a great pumpkin patch tonight. It had a lot of fun stuff to do, but we got there a little late so it was too dark for some of the stuff, like picking your own pumpkin off the vine (at least in the dark it looked like the pumpkins were growing on a vine) or hay rides. But there was plenty to do otherwise and Claire was successful in finding the perfect pumpkin. She took it very seriously. When I told her to find her favorite pumpkin, she started walking up and down the rows, looking at all of the pumpkins and saying "hmmm" with her finger on her cheek. And then there it was, Claire's perfect pumpkin. She yelled: "Mom! There it is! My favorite pumpkin!" and ran to pick it up. Its just her size, with a big handle. They also had some crazy gigantic pumpkins, one of which Mike tried to lift and then seriously thought he might have a hernia (he didn't), and some really cool gourds.

Now at home, Mike just put Claire down. She laid with him on the couch happily watching the Angels vs. White Sox game three, and he just couldn't break the moment and put her to bed. I don't blame him. She can be so sweet and cuddly.

We do have some pumpkin patch pictures, and after I get them all uploaded, I'll post some.

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