Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saturday Night

We had a great time last night. The Changs invited a bunch of people over for dinner, karaoke and poker. Dinner was amazing. It always is at the Chang house. Karaoke was very fun. They have a karaoke game for PlayStation (or a similar system) that knows if you are singing at the pitch you should be. If you are, the crowd cheers, your character on the screen starts dancing, and if you are really good, you microphone glows and you light up. If you are not singing well, the crowd boos, the character kind of mopes around, it may begin to rain, and the crowd might start to throw stuff at you. We were lucky enough to see a wide range of performances, and they all were very entertaining. Poker was a lot of fun too. A lot of other people had kids there, and Claire had a great time playing with friends. A very fun Saturday night!

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michael said...

What a great time. The Chang's really are amazing cooks.