Monday, October 03, 2005

Google Stuff

I am reading a book on Google and how to use it most efficiently. One nice feature is googletalk. This is a program that takes maybe a minute for my computer to download and allows me to talk long distance for free using my computer headset! Sheela and I used it last month while I was studying like crazy for the fourth year Emergency Medicine test. Really great feature and if we all get it, no more paying for a landline phone (a bit of a stretch I know, but it will work great while I am in Maine during November).

Also, Google has an online phonebook. You can look people up by just typing them in first name, last name, state, or you can type exactly this: rphonebook: gerald smith, mi which leads you to your long lost friend in Battle Creek! Unfortunately the information on Sheela and I is out of date so I'm not sure how current the other stuff is.


Maighie said...

You are going to Maine? How long will you be there? More details are needed. Thanks for the google info, I am intrigued...take care!

michael said...

I will be in Portland, Maine for the month of November doing an Emergency Medicine elective. I have heard it is really beautiful and the residents seem happy, so I am going for a closer look!

jimhalberg said...

Is talking with Google talk "choppy" at all? Sounds like it would be an awesome thing to have while you're out there. We have free long distance with the cell phone but it would be good to not even have our minutes subtracted!

faveauntcarrie said...


My main project at work is managed through a national organization based in Portland, Maine. I speak with these folks all the time, and meet with them a few times a year. (We've never met in Maine, though.) Yes, they seem happy, and wow do they get a lot of snow and winter. Sounds very UP'ish there. You might love it. Might be good to visit again in March and April, too.... just to see what that's like.

Good luck with the trip-