Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fun, Football, and Fotos

What a wonderful month! Lots of time with Sheela and Claire and lots of working out and playing tennis. I could get used to this quickly! I can't believe the games on lately. It started Saturday when Wisconsin came back from dead with a punt block with less than one minute left and continued as Michigan beat Penn State with no time remaining and USC (oh man, this was definitely one of the greatest college football game of all time), beat Notre Dame on a last second quarterback sneak. Of course I was going for Notre Dame Granny, but it was still a battle to the end!

I hope that everyone is enjoying this unseasonably warm weather we are having. Sheela and I are using it to get our family photo taken tomorrow. Thanks to Jim and Monnie for the gift certificate to Kaminski Photography! It looks like the perfect day, and we will be down by the lake at the beautiful lake park bistro.

I also have a cute story I will post next.



t.mom said...

I'm so glad you got your photos taken! How did it all go? When will you get the photos?

michael said...

The photographer was great. Claire was a beast. She altered between a sweet playing girl who refused to look at the camera and a little rebel throwing fits at random. Sheela handled it well and we may actually get a few good pictures. They will be uploaded to the web like Jim and Monnie's wedding pics.