Saturday, October 29, 2005

not much

Not a lot going on lately. We went to Sun Prairie for Friday and most of today. Michael got a great suit for his upcoming interviews. It is slick. He's going to look very nice, thats for sure. When we got home we had a surprise. For the past week our hot water has been smelling like rotton eggs. Very unpleasant. We were doing the dishes in cold water and Mike was taking showers at school. I would take showers here, but they were as cold as I could stand and quite short. So when we got home it was fixed! Hurray! Thank goodness for responsible/great landlords. And lastly, I stepped on and killed a big frog in Jim and Teresa's driveway. I can't seem to forget that gross feeling when I realized it wasn't a rock. Mike and I are going to watch a movie, so I guess I'll just leave you all with that.


monnie halberg said...

Where'd you get your suit from, Mike?

mhalberg said...

We got the suit at Men's Warehouse. My mother is sooooooo nice!

monnie halberg said...

Yes, your mother is soooooooo nice. We hope you enjoy your trip!