Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Modeling and Magic

Today has been kind of a long day. We spent a lot of time riding around from place to place. First, I had a photoshoot in Janesville for Blain's Farm and Fleet. That's right, check your Farm and Fleet flyer on December 8th, and you'll find me modeling a red sweater. Mike came up with the whole idea, and hopefully he (and maybe Claire) will have a chance to get in on the fun as well. After lunch and a nap for Claire, we went back out to run a bunch of errands. For most of the car ride, Claire sat in the back seat saying "Watch this, Mama (or Daddy)", and then doing something spectacular. For example, she hiked her pants up past her knee and grabbed a handful of skin on her leg. Then she would say "Watch this, Mama!" and with her other hand, she would use one finger to push down on the skin she was grabbing and at the same time release her grip. Magic! Spectacular! And even more so when Mike and I laughed and applauded. "Watch this" magic happens all day now, and the possibilities are unlimited.

And now, as I type, Claire is in bed. Mike is playing around with our video camera, putting movies on DVDs and trying to figure out a way to send a video clip by email. I am going to end this post and go drink a glass of Door County wine.


michael said...

I finally figured out how to email movie clips. Like everything else in the tech world it is very easy once you figure it out. My next challange is to post a video clip. I am not sure if blogger supports "vlogs," but I will soon find out!

Mike said...

What a wonderful, magical day you all had! It is truly magic when you have time together isn't it.

We love you.

Maighie said...

You must post a picture of the red sweater add Sheila! I won't be able to see it out in Oregon, and would love to see your modeling debut!

So, when is your first cover shoot?

Maighie (:

michael said...

I think the layout should definitely be scanned into the blog!


sheila said...

I will definitely post a picture when it comes out...I may even autograph it! I haven't heard anything about a cover yet, but I'll keep you posted. Maybe they are saving that one for Mike. :)