Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Our plan?

Stay in the house.

Its pretty wintery out there today. Turns out the weathermen weren't kidding this time when they said a storm was on the way. I can't say I'm not enjoying it, though. It isn't often that I get to look forward to a solid 24 hours of snow. Its like a permission slip to stay in my pajamas until noon and completely write off anything productive. And being Valentine's Day, Claire and I cooked up some special treats. We did have a party planned with some of Claire's friends, but nobody wanted to come out in the storm today. Not that I blame them, I wouldn't have either. So we made cupcakes anyway, and then some chocolate covered strawberries.

Since we finished those, Claire hasn't talked about much else.

"Those strawberries with chocolate on them sure do look delicious, Mom."
"You know those strawberries in the refrigerator? They sure do look yummy."
"I sure am hungry for a strawberry with chocolate on top."
"Is it tonight yet? Maybe I can eat just one strawberry."

Happy Valentine's Day.


Eric said...

It sounds like she is already a skilled negotiator.

michael said...

I think I ate twenty, mmmmmmm.