Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First Day of School

Claire's first ever day of school is today. She has been so excited for this day, and I have too. She will go for three hours every Tuesday and Thursday. Just the idea of that much free time is wonderful. I have no idea what I will do with myself, but I know I will enjoy it. And I know Claire will enjoy preschool. She's going to a school a friend of mine owns and runs. Claire knows her and her daughter, and I think that helps both of us feel really comfortable with it. Its going to be great!

And here are the mandatory traditional first day of school pictures. She picked out all of her clothes last night, and since we don't have a backpack for her, she insisted on taking her Strawberry Purse, for all of her "school things and stuff".

Also, I have to comment that in the first picture, it looks like she didn't completely miss out on the coveted Fitzgerald Eyes.


monnie halberg said...

Oh I LOVE those pictures!
Happy First Day of School Claire!
Hope you don't get too much homework!

Emmalyzalee said...

Thank you for the photos, Sheila! I can't believe how much older Claire looks in every photo. What a beautiful family. Be sure and post about how her first day went!

Nana said...

Clairie Berrie, how exciting! Your very first day of school! Will you write a blogpost and tell us about it?