Monday, February 19, 2007


Last week I was in Port Townsend, WA for work and then for a few extra days for play. We caught an awesome sunrise one morning that woke up my spirit and put a smile in my heart. The power of being outdoors and in nature is probably the most awesome power I have experienced in my short life. At this point, I'm doubtful that much can top it.

We also stayed on Discovery Bay near Port Townsend and spent hours walking the beach and examining the thousands of shells and rocks and crabs and mussels and clams and sand dollars, truly amazing! It was my first time seeing LIVE sand dollars, literally hundreds of them; black and slowing moving and burying themselves into the sand. The flower pattern on the front of the sand dollar actually serve as gils. This is one of the most incredible things I have seen on the beach yet!

I'm traveling this week for work as well, staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Ashland, OR where I hope to catch the play "As You Like It" because it is premier week of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Then it's off to Eugene for the end of the week before returning to Portland on Friday. Next week I head to Bend (yay for Central Oregon!) and then finally end my travel adventures on the coast the first part of March. Then it's back to the usual paper pushing in the office!

Things are well in Oregon overall. Em and I keep busy with work, school and friendships. A couple of weeks ago we had our female pals over for a dessert tea on a Saturday afternoon. A build your own cupcake bar and fruit salad were two of the favorites. I'll post some pictures soon ( :

2007 is a welcomed year in our house, so far so good!

love to all,


monnie halberg said...

A cupcake bar definitely sounds like a must-have party activity!
Sounds like you've been busy! Great pics!

Leslie said...

Maighie - I love reading about what you and Em are doing and I love, love, love the story about the sand dollars! I miss the west coast - may have to come and see you again. xxooxx Leslie

aunt teresa said...

Beautiful photos Maighie. And now I'm going to google "sand dollars" so I can show my science classes what they look like when they're alive!

jimhalberg said...

You don't look too cold out there... how warm is it?