Sunday, February 18, 2007


So we have our next trip booked and on the calender...

Thats right, we're off to Hawaii come April! Mike and I are very excited. And I'm completely willing to trade in this:

for this:

(I borrowed the picture from Eric. His blog is full of amazing pictures like this.)

Can't wait to get there!


Eric said...

I can't wait to see you guys!

michael said...

I hope Eric has an extra surf board. said...

Don't you need Nana to go along to build sand castles with Claire while you surf? I'm sure my class of 29 sixth graders will not notice that the one adult in the room has skedaddled!

R. Sherman On said...

sheila and mike - i was just checking out Second Epinion and saw your link in here. sounds like you guys are adjusting into maine just fine - skiing, what a blast!

congrats on booking a vacation for yourselves to tropical Hawaii. our family (my parents and all siblings) were there in august last year and it was so relaxing...i just love the beach. too bad ryan didn't feel the same.

by the way, we have traded in the poker chips and now play "Settlers of Catan" basically weekly with the Changs.