Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I had a successful trip to Southern Oregon last week! There was a true Oregon snow storm the last day I was in town with trees splitting down the middle and entire cities shutting down and people looking at you like you are completely crazy for even mentioning getting in your car. It's kind of nice here when it snows, even if it's just a little, because no one expects you to do anything but wait for it to melt (: This particular snow fall was only a few inches, but trees were collapsing all around town! As I was walking to my meeting I saw a very large tree literally keel over and split in half. I don't think the vegetation here is able to handle the snow, perhaps it's a looser soil or perhaps it's because the trees stay green most of the year and aren't equipped to carry the weight of the leaves AND the snow. I could look this up, but am not motivated in this moment and will assume that my hypothesis are correct. I am so smart.

Tomorrow I will attempt to drive to Bend which is in Central Oregon. This involves driving over Mt. Hood, a more legitimate concern with the snow. Did you know that people in Oregon drive with studded tires and are often required to carry chains? I don't remember this happening in WI. I suppose there aren't mountain ranges to cross in WI either.

Wish me luck!

PS - check this out
I enjoy the woman from Wisconsin and also the man from Edinburgh, Scotland. Enjoy!

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