Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Story

Niagara Falls-But Nobody Slipped Down It.
By: Claire Halberg

Once up on a time, there was a Niagara Falls. And he wondered “Hey I want to see some food around here” So he kept on swishing, and he found something. It was the same thing that animals eat. Seashore food, that’s what he found to eat. And he saw someone eating their lunch. It was Puppet. He was eating something really healthy for him. He was eating it on the floor. And then he started to see something swishing. “That must be a waterfall,” he said. And he thought and thought, and Puppet was right, it was Niagara Falls! And then Puppet wanted to be in the story too, and I said “Sure puppet.” And he counted “One two three for five six”, and then he counted in Spanish “Uno dos tres cuatro cinco seis siete ocho nueve diez.” And then, he found some food that nobody was eating. So he started to eat. It was a snack. It was all colors of apples. “I want to eat some apples,” he said to his mother. “You are eating some apples already” his mother said. “But they are too squishy” puppet said. But then he changed his mind and they were nice and crunchy. And then it started to get windy, and the wind blew Puppet’s voice away, so he started to run run run quick, before he got too close to the waterfall. And then he caught his voice in his mouth. And then he heard something, “whoo whoo whoo” It was whoo whoo whoo-ing. It was an owl! And she was whoo-ing. She was trying to find her mommy, that’s why she was whoo-ing. And she said, “Oh, I’ll never find my mommy again”. And then someone came up to the owl. It was the biggest rock ever. And it was carrying something. Know what it was carrying? It was carrying a boat! And the boat said “Boomp boomp” And then crash! boom! crash! boom! something crashed into the boat. It was some water! There was big waves! And there was just something floating back and forth, nice and smooth. Know what it was? It was another boat! And it had owl’s mommy on it. And the rock put the two boats down into the water so they can splash all day and swim. And the boats stopped, and they wondered, “Hey, I have a good idea! Lets find another boat! It can be the Daddy Boat!” And they found TWO more boats. The red boat was the daddy boat and the colorful boat was the mommy boat. And something started to push the boats. It was a big huge waterfall, and they just looked at it. And then they knew it was okay. The end.

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monnie halberg said...

I was holding my breath for a bit there. Glad everything is okay! Very creative, Claire.