Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Q & A

Mike has been asking Claire questions for the past few minutes. Here are some of them, and her answers:

"What is the most ____ in the whole wide world?"

Important? Reading
Expensive? A Grocery Store
-What do you think would happen if you ate everything in the grocery store?
-I'm not gonna do that. I'll get a belly ache.
Precious? Playing Candy Land
Biggest? A Rock
Smelliest? A Marker
Loudest? Trumpet
Fastest? A bike! No, a plane!
Silliest? Clown
Prettiest? A ring
Ugliest? Wormie

What would happen if you stopped at a green light and went at a red light?
-There would be an accident.

What would happen if you stayed in bed all day, all night, and all the next day?
-My eyes would hurt.

What do you think about the President of the United States?
-I think they are great.
What do you like about the President?
-When you open it up, there is cool stuff inside.
What do you think about President Bush's decisions in Iraq?
-I don't know about that.

And a few days ago, I asked her about some of her favorites:

Color? Purple
Song? Some Days the Bear Will Eat You
Food? Chicken noodle soup. And for breakfast, cereal.
Fruit? Banana
Vegetable? Is a pear a vegetable? No. ...Is a carrot?? Yes. I love carrots!
Drink? Chocolate Milk
Place to go in the car? Children's Museum
Number? 10
Book? If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
Thing to do in the snow? Make snow ball fights!!
Toy to play with? Legos
Thing to wear? My green dress and pink skirt

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t.mom said...

Let's hear your answers Sheila and Michael John!