Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm Tired.

Today was (is) a pretty busy day. I had a lot of errands to do, including grocery shopping, and I ended up doing them all in the rain. You wouldn't think that the rain would be a factor, but when you add to it a toddler and an umbrella, its a project (claire would say a fun project) that takes a lot longer than you intended. When we got home, I found the internet stopped working. This happened only one other time since we first subscribed to cable internet, and it was due to the modem going on strike. I was somewhat sure thats what it was, after checking all the lights that should have been blinking, and thought I could just make a quick call and get it fixed (right, I know, a quick call to the cable company. Insert laughter here). If we needed to switch modems, I wanted to know so I could go do it right away. It of course was an hour long phone call with an operator that whose voice was so soft the strain of trying to hear her gave me a headache. In the end, the problem was solved. There is, of course, a punchline here and its that the cable was down on our area. So it was nothing that I or the operator did, it just so happened that an hour after I called, the problem elsewhere was fixed. Then Claire wouldn't take a nap. And I also cleaned our place today so when my parents arrive tomorrow for ClaireDuty they will have an area clear of toys to put down a mattress and sleep, and never find out about the environment we usually live in.
Sleeping sounds pretty good right now.


Leslie said...

It sounds like we had somewhat similar days, Sheila. Lot's of small details to get to the big bash - we have about six dozen eggs in our fridge and four full coolers in the basement with food for the brunch on Sunday. The weather has been wild - those cloud pictures you put up on flickr tonight are amazing. I may have to post one.

See you soon!

sheila said...

I can't believe how great they turned out, and I can't believe I actually had the camera!