Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Birthday

Mike, Teresa and I went to the Brewer game last night. We bought tickets in the 300 club, but Mike ended up getting the same great tickets behind home plate that we had last time we went to the game. So we watched the Bob Uecker ceremony from the 300 club and then went down to our other seats for the game. Teresa and I definitely did not take in as much of the game as someone else may have in our seats, but we definitely had a blast. Mike couldn't understand how we could sit ten rows away from the catcher and still not know how Lyle Overbay got to second. I guess women just watch the game a little differently than men do.

Also, I just realized today that Claire turns TWO in eleven days. How did that happen? Two? I really have a difficult time grasping that. Elissa and I were talking about Claire and Jalyn, and she mentioned a funny story which started out "Claire and Jalyn were talking...". I of course don't remember the story because I was stuck on the first five words. I have a little girl who is old enough to have a conversation with a four year old friend. Pretty unbelievable. Seems like it happened overnight.

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