Thursday, August 25, 2005

Brewers Rule

The game last night was great. Adam Sutter drove down from Green Bay with his wife Amanda and we picked up James Chang on the way to the stadium. The Brewers ended up winning which means they beat the Marlins two best pitchers!

Sheela and I are actively plotting how to get Packer tickets. Has anyone had luck scalping?

I have about a week left here at the medical examiners. My last "gross" post drew mixed reviews so I removed it and vowed to show a bit more tact. I have a presentation next week so I have been reviewing interresting cases. One case involved a women who had a screw driver in her brain. They found it during the autopsy after opening the scull, but didn't have any idea it was there before opening her up! Turns out the murderer hammered it in through her eye socket after she was dead. Crazy.
**NOTE: This case was reported in a medical journal for anyone to read.

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