Sunday, July 10, 2005

What a weekend

This weekend was Spa Weekend in honor of bride-to-be Monnie. I only stayed one of the two nights, but it was a great time. We had lots of fun...doing things like baking cookies, playing truth or dare, and having pillow fights.

Then on Saturday, the plan was to go to Green Bay for my uncle's wedding, but Mike didn't get home until something like 2:00 pm, meaning he had been awake and doing surgery from 5am on Friday until 2:00pm on Saturday. Claire, who had been sleeping peacefully in Nana's car, woke up and was very upset about life in general. I was up late the night before, and couldn't imagine getting Claire back in the car for two hours, and then going to a wedding, and then driving back the next day. So we avoided all the stress and just went to bed.

Today the plan is to go to Summerfest.


jimhalberg said...

I knew that was what went on at bachelorette parties!

How many times did you guys watch Hope Floats? and how many times was the phrase "that Pierce Brosnan is dreamy" uttered?

sheila said...

Sorry, can't release any more of the details. I pinky-swore.