Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Well, I was able to get everyone in bed tonight by 8:15. Mike fell asleep by 7. Even Harry Potter, strawberry shortcake and a Brewers game wasn't enough to keep him up. So Claire and I played outside for a while and she went down at 8. I'm not tired yet, but everyone else is sleeping, I kind of feel like I should be too.
This past weekend Claire and I went to Green Bay to spend some time with my family while Mike worked. We celebrated my dad's birthday and went garage sale-ing. Claire played in her pool while we sat around it in lawn chairs reading trivia cards and soaking our feet. My parents bought a blow-up slide for her that ended up being 12 feet long. It even has a hook-up for a hose (though we didn't try that). Claire loved it. Deflating it was the most fun for the adults. We were acting very mature as we tried to bounce each other off.
On Monday Claire and I went to Sun Prairie to see Nana. We played Ring Around the Rosie and the piano, and somehow Claire had Nana and I walking around like birds (if I had a picture I would post it, I'm sure it was quite funny). We met Jimmer for lunch and then brought out big bowls of water to splash around in on the front porch. Claire slept like a log on the way home.

And now I'll post some new pictures for the enjoyment of everyone.

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t.mom. said...

Such joy you bring to us all. So many smiles. We are building memories we will treasure for always.

O.K., some memories may get hazy, like, ummm, that "walk like a bird"? Thank goodness you don't always carry your camera!