Monday, March 07, 2005

Sign Language

Claire has been eating sign language up. I'm really impressed. When I started trying to teach her, she was four months old, I think. At that time, she didn't really catch on. For months I signed 'eat' every time I offered her a spoonful of food, trying to get her to copy me. Then she started feeding herself, and I lost interest.
A few weeks ago we were at the library and I picked up a DVD: "Signing Time". Its an awesome DVD, really cute. Claire just sat and stared at the TV. Then she signed apple. I gave her an apple. She signed cookie. I gave her a cookie. She signed banana and I gave her a banana. She learned how powerful this new kind of communication is, squealing and laughing every time she got what she signed for. Now she can say:
I'm hungry
help (I love this one)

I'm on the wait list for the DVD. It may even be a good one to buy. I should check it out.

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