Wednesday, March 02, 2005

no pictures

Not yet, anyway. I've tried to get it to work, and in the process completely ruined the blog and had to spend Claire's naptime fixing it. I still can't do pictures. But I entered a "help ticket" so hopefully that I am picturing standing in an endless line holding one of those papers with a number you get from the "Take A Number" dispensers. And it says 574,936 on it. And then I realize that they are 'now serving' number 574, 955, and they have to go all around to 1,000,000 and then start over before they get to me. This actually happened to me at JoAnn Fabrics, but my number was more like 25 and they were on something like 70. But they did have to go up to 100 and then start over.

I went grocery shopping today while hungry. And I lost my list in the parking lot. This means I bought a lot of snacks. Maybe I'll try to eat all of them before Mike comes home and sees what I did. Or else we'll have Wheat Thins and Goldfish crackers for dinner tonight.

Today I poured Claire a cup of water and got a few drops on her hand. She turned her hand to lick them off, and spilled the water. "Uh-oh mom uh---ohhhh".

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