Friday, March 11, 2005

random thinkings

When I'm writing an entry, I feel like I have enough to say that I could come back later and write another entry. But then I end up not doing anything with it for a few days. Still, this has been one of my more successful attempts at writing in a journal-like format. I do have a journal I started writing in when I got pregnant with Claire, but I sometimes go a month or more without writing anything down. This blog is easier to keep up.

Yesterday Claire and I went to story time at the library. It was really fun. We met a lot of other kids, and I really enjoy seeing Claire socialize. At one point the group sang 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes'. All of the moms helped their kids make the appropriate movements, and I was going to help Claire as well, but she was standing out in the middle of the group dancing. I let her be Claire. There are only three more story-times left (four in all), but I'm really looking forward to them. It seems like the majority of the kids are right at Claire's age.

We are going to Madison this weekend. Teresa is finished with chemo, a few weeks early. Hopefully we'll get to see Jim and Monnie as well. It seems like we've not seen them very often lately. The wedding is coming up. Its going to be fun. We've been teaching Claire some new moves.

I'm kind of between projects. I made (knit) two hats. The first one turned out too tight and small. The second one fit, but there is something about it that looks off. I think its that I forgot to do an 'even' row when shaping the top. I'd like to knit something else. Maybe another hat, but I want to do it right. I guess I'll have to find a pattern and follow it. The first two hats were my...translations of a pattern. I found a pattern for a chemo cap that looks like hair. Its just strange enough, though, that I don't know if Teresa would wear it. The yarn is called Fizz, and its something like super eyelash yarn. I'll have to ask Mike about it. Anyway, I'm going to draw a picture to watercolour today, if I have time before we leave. It will be one of the first drawing/painting projects that have come from my head, rather than me finding a picture, drawing it out, and then painting it. This one comes from how I feel when I listen to Pete Seeger's 'Where Have All the Flowers Gone'. It will be fun.

I suppose that is all for now. Though I know I could keep rambling....

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