Monday, March 14, 2005

about Claire

Claire's 18 month well-child visit was today. She's 26 pounds and 33 inches tall. That puts here somewhere between the 70 and 75th percentiles for weight and 90+ for height. I have to start her on chewable vitamins with iron since she has become a vegetarian lately. Otherwise everything is the same. She is very healthy. She won't have to go back until she's two. And best of all, she's done with shots until kindergarten. She doesn't know that though. Even today, a shot-less visit, was traumatic. I think she already associates the doctor's office with pain. Plus she would rather not have people poking at her and shining lights in her eyes and ears. Can you blame her?

Oh, the next Fitzgerald Family Reunion is planned! Its not until 2006, but I am looking forward to it already. Mike's family is so fun. I used to wish my family would have reunions too, but now I know that they wouldn't be as much fun. Actually, my mom and I would probably have a blast, but then we wouldn't be invited anymore. So anyway, its going to be at the Lake Okanagan Resort in British Columbia, Canada. Yeah! I think I'm going to go start packing...

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Jeanne (Sheila's Mom) said...

Sheila is mostly right about the "norgren" family reunions. However we did have some fun reunions. We clearly have been deprived and have decided we will be attending your family reunion.