Saturday, March 19, 2005


Well what is new since the last post. Mason is doing slightly better. The ER tests all said things are 'normal'. So that is good news. I guess he just has some kind of virus or something. Claire came down with a low grade fever yesterday. She's pretty crabby and clingy. Today she also has a runny nose. Mom suggested she just may be getting some big ol' chompers. I don't know. Motrin helps, so thats what she gets. Sitting with momma and watching movies also helps, so that's what we do. She's sleeping right now, and thats really nice. So quiet.

Hmm. I guess thats about it. March Maddness is in full swing. Its so fun. So far I am leading Mike as far as brackets go. Last night Kansas was upset by Bucknell (who??), so now the Badgers will get to play Bucknell instead of Kansas. I actually picked WI to win against Kansas, so maybe I'll get a bonus point if they can pull it off against Bucknell.

I hear Claire's cries. Gotta run.

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