Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lava Bombs

Mount St. Helens erupted recently with its largest explosion of ash in the past few months. I was reading an article about it, and it mentioned lava bombs. Lava bombs were covered in an Earth Science class I took in college, but until today, I forgot such things existed. Gooey lava balls are exploded into the air and then cool into an oblong shape as they fall back to earth. So I did a little research and found out there are a few different types of lava bombs, and one is called a "cow-dung lava bomb". This one stays gooey as it flies through the air and then splats out when it hits the ground. So I was sitting here thinking that there was probably nothing worse for the roof of a house or a car window than a lava bomb. But I stand corrected. I would definately say a cow-dung lava bomb would probably be the last thing I wanted dropped on my car or house.

But it is really fun to say. Cow-dung lava bomb. It sounds like something out of Super Mario Brothers.

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