Sunday, March 06, 2005

Nice Weekend

This weekend was a "Sheila" weekend in the Halberg Household. That means we got to stay home rather than drive all over the place like we have been for the last few weekends. Saturday we relaxed and went to Monnie's parents for dinner, and today (Sunday) was Devin's 9th birthday, so we hung out with him for a while. We went bowling, and I bowled an 82, which would be a GREAT score for me if it wasn't bumper bowling. I did smush my finger between two balls as they were coming out of the shoot, and I considered blaming my low score on that, but everyone there has seen me bowl before and probably wouldn't buy the story anyway. But, it was a lot of fun, I haven't been bowling for years (as my score suggests). Then Mike and I went home and took a nap while Claire entertained herself and after resting up, we went back over to the Kinsella's and had an ice cream cake. Now, we are each on our own computers, having a conversation with Jim and Monica. What geeks.

I wonder what will become of this blog. Mike and I thought at first it would be fun to use it as a place to communicate with family, and allow everyone to write entries. But I don't know if that would be easier than what we already do with emails. Maybe Mike and I will just use it to record all of the really interesting events in our lives, and then one day look back on it all. Maybe I'll be the only one who ever reads/writes. I guess we'll just wait and see what develops.

Anyway, I do love this Family Practice rotation. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any better than this.

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