Sunday, March 12, 2006

Things Are Improving

We are definitely on the mend. Every day we feel better and have a bit more energy. What has been really nice is that Mike is one day ahead of me. He got sick the day before I got sick, and his daily improvements are exactly what I experience 24 hours later. So as I type this, I am feeling pretty good, but I know that by tomorrow night, I will be feeling great. I can't believe how much this bug took out of us, it was such a huge drain. But its going around, a middle school in the area closed down Thursday and Friday because 248 students and over 20 faculty called in sick with the same thing we had. That's crazy! It sure is good to have some energy again, and if all those kids are following the same course we have, they'll be ready for school tomorrow morning with no problem.

So on with the Match Day Extravaganza! Its this Thursday! Three more days!! Match Day has been such a big thing on the horizon for such a long time, something we have done so much to prepare for, that it seems unreal that it is this week. It is exciting, to say the least.

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