Friday, March 24, 2006

Claire's "Friend" Grant

Most of you who read this blog don't know Grant. He is a friend of my brother's, a big tall guy who is as nice as they come. Claire does not like him at all. She really doesn't like boys in general, but Grant is different. Its like he is the Leader of Boys, and therefore the one to be most cautious of. But at the same time, she's curious about him. For example, if he happens to stop by to see my brother, Claire will hide under blankets or in the bathroom until he leaves, and then for the next three or four mornings, she'll wake up saying "I don't like Grant". But, when we are playing and I ask her what her pretend puppy's name is, it will be Grant. Or I'll ask her who she thinks is calling when the phone rings, and she will say it is Grant. And today after we finished drawing a picture for Uncle Dave, Claire wanted to make one for Grant. So we did. I always include some quotes from Claire on her art. Here is what Grant's drawing had written on it:

"Claire what do you want to say to Grant?"
"I don't say anything to Grant."
"What does Grant look like?"
"He looks like a banana."
"What does his nose look like?"
"A big circle."
"What is his favorite color?"
"Purple and blue. Blue and purple."
"Where does Grant live?"
"At the North Pole."
"Does Grant smell pretty?"
"Like a birthday cake."
"What do Grant's toes smell like?"
"Potatoes." (laughs for the first time during the conversation. Up to this point it was ALL business.)
"What is Grant's job?"
"He delivers presents. For Christmas Eve."
"Do you want to say anything else to Grant."
"Not anything."

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Well, finally, the mystery is solved! Claire thinks Grant is Santa Claus in disguise. Since she's the only one who has figured this out, she is wary of the big, present giving guy, but knows enough to stay on his good side!