Friday, March 10, 2006

Call her Miss. Riddle!!!

We are all still sick, but it has given the three of us lots of quality time watching Dora the Explorer and sipping Ginger Ale. On Dora, there is a Troll who asks Dora and her friend Boots (aka Mr. Riddle), lots of riddles which they must answer to cross his bridge. Yesterday I thought it would be fun to ask Claire a few of my own.

Dad: What is red on the outside and has white teeth and a tongue inside?
Claire: No, daddy, yellow on the outside! (She wanted the answer to be banana)
Dad: It's not a banana Claire.
Claire: banana?
Dad: No, not a banana. Try again, where is your tongue?
Claire: Right here (pointing in her mouth).
Dad: What is that?
Claire: My tongue!
Dad: Okay...Where do you put your food?
Claire: In my kitchen!
Dad: No, No...What about your chocolate milk?
Claire: I dropped it on the floor.
Dad: Let's start over. What is on your face right here (pointing to my mouth)?
Claire: MY LIPS!
Dad: Are you joking with Daddy Claire?
Claire: Ha, Ha, Ha.
Mommy: Claire, where are your teeth?
Claire: In my MOUTH Mamma!
Mamma smiles and daddy faints.

If you have any good riddles let me know and I will post Claire's response.


sheila said...

Word for word how it happened. Very cute. She was as patient as can be the whole time.

monnie halberg said...

When we took care of Claire we watched the Rhymes and Riddles episode of Dora. We did some riddles too. I don't remember what they were though. It's funny when kids are so literal!